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Tramontina 12 Piece Barbecue Set (SAVE R1000!)

R1,599.00 R483.65

Perfect for any meat lover, Tramontina Churrasco range have a unique technology called Polywood, high-quality real wood that is dishwasher


Tramontina 10″ Meat Knife White

R329.00 R199.00

Professional Knives Stainless steel blade with plain edge. Polypropylene handle injected directly on the tang.High cutting power. Made for best Chefs.

Tramontina 5″ Tomato Knife Black

R40.00 R35.00

The modern design and the different colors of the polypropylene handles of the Athus knives add more delicacy and joy

Tramontina 6” Cheese Knife White

R119.00 R59.00

The Plenus line brings comfort and practicality together with items that have a light touch when serving and eating. This

Tramontina 2 Piece Paring Knives Set White

R119.00 R69.00

Add a daring touch to your meals by bringing the Cor & Cor flatware to your table. Different color combinations