6pc Beer Glass Set

6pc Beer Glass Set


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Set of 6 Beer Glasses

The ultimate beer glass set to complement any pub or bar.

Set comprises of:

1 x Pilsner glass 540ml
* The Classic Pilsner glass features a narrow base to maintain carbonation.
* The tall, slender profile concentrates the light pilsner colour while the right rim    captures the head and focuses the aroma.
* Use with Pilsner and other light-coloured lagers.
* Food Pairings: salty and spicy foods, seafood

1 x Pint 550ml
* The Pint glass features the iconic shape made famous in the pubs of Great Britain
* The slight bulge at the top works as a grip and also makes the glass stackable – an important space saving feature in a tight-quartered pub.
* Use with darker colour lagers and ales.

1 x Tulip 600ml
* The Tulip glass features a long stem to keep the hand away from the brew, helping to maintain a cold temperature.
* The narrow top traps the head, creating a visual and olfactory sensation.
* Use with Belgian-style and other light-coloured ales.
* Food Pairings: grilled and rich meats, strong cheeses and mild fish.

1 x Pub 540ml
* The Pub glass has a tight rim that captures the head and focuses the aroma.
* This is an essential glass that serves all kinds of beers.

1 x Flute 360ml
* The Flute glass features a stem to elevate the beer and accentuate the dark, rich, colour of the roasted barley
* Use with Porters, Stouts, and other dark beers.
* Food Pairings: barbecue, chocolate, shellfish.

1 x Weizen 700ml
* The Weizen glass features a narrow centre and bulbous top to first prevent the brew from going prematurely flat and then allow room for the thick, yeasty head to grow.
* Use with wheat beers and other light-coloured ales.
* Food Pairings: citric or spicy foods, salads and brunch foods.